Amazing Bra

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… Backless, strapless and invisible!

The Amazing bra is made of two adhesive cups that are easy to stick onto your breasts. The patented 'bra gel' process ensures the bra stays in place perfectly and makes it invisible under your outfit. The bra gives you a nice push-up because of the front closure, and the cups give more volume to the breasts. The bra is fully open on the back and completely strapless. Take good care of the bra after wearing it by washing it with lukewarm water and letting it air-dry and you will see you can wear the bra many times!

. Backless, Strapless, and Adhesive.
. Two invisible, silicone cups will lift your breasts without wearing a bra.
. Adhesive silicone on the inside of the bra ensures the bra stays in place.
. Front closure gives a nice push-up and more volume to the breasts.
. For multiple use.

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